Approximately 5 minutes from Tokyo metro Higashiginza sta.
We have park front view of the Kyobashi park.
In a heart of Ginza.You have a choice of 10 different train and metro lines.

1F,ShinGinza Bildg. 1-21-1,Ginza,Chuo-Ku,Tokyo
tel 03-6228-6499





Restaurant selection in Ginza Omura neighbor. All places are easy to go by foot.

grocery stores,Supermarket,Fresh foods

All department stores in Ginza has a basement supermarket and selected food store. They have a big selection of real patisserie from all over Japan. However you might need daily things.What we often call "Drug store" is a grocery stores combined a pharmacy. they don't sell fresh food such as meat and fish but most things are available.

JAPANESE BRAND-Souvenirs,Gifts

Looking for Original made Japanese gift. Japanese top brand are gathered in Ginza area. Maybe you'll find a perfect thing for your love one from the following shop list.If you look for extra under wear or socks,Uniqlo and Muji is perfect!

Department store

Go to underground in department store, called "Depa chika" Depa=department, Chika=basement. All department stores have food section located on basement floor. All foods are displayed so neat and artistic. If you look for quality breakfast to prepare,hit the Depachika! Mitsukoshi Ginza is our highly recommended Depachika.

Owner's Jewely shops

Ginza Omura's owner is running a jewelry line called Kengo Kuma+MA,YU. You can get her design in Ginza and many other places in Japan. The nearest department store Ginza Mitsukoshi and Barneys New York.

Urban Architect

If you are interested in Architecture and Design. This is a short list of great spots in Tokyo. Just take your metro map in your hand and camera with ya!


A big play ground in a midtown Tokyo is hard to find ,.But here are our selected spot to hang out with your kids.

Pet shop

Are you looking for special gift for your pet waiting home? there is many unique pet shops in our neighbors. You'll have to see the home made cup cake and special cakes for your pets. It looks absolutely delicious.



NARITA AIRPORT: (Skyaccess) --to-- TAKARACHO Station
Direct Train ----- 70 minutes -----1,280 yen
HANEDA AIRPORT: (Keikyu-Kuko)--to-- TAKARACHO Station
Direct Train ----- 26 minutes -----550 yen
( or just change trains on the same platform )
More info provided after booking.

Nearest station is Ginza 1chome or Kyobashi....only 5 minute walk.
7 subway or train lines nearby: Walking times:
Ginza1chome ---3 min--- Yurakcho Line
Kyobashi---5 mins--- Ginza Line
Higashiginza-5min---Asakusa.Hibiya Line
Takaracho---7min---Asakusa LineShintomicho---7min---Yurakucho Line
Tsukiji ---5 mins--- Hibiya Line
Ginza ---10 mins--- Marunouchi, Ginza, Hibiya Line
Hatchobori ---12 mins--- Musashino, Keiyo, Hibiya Lines
Yurakucho ---10 mins--- JR Yamonote Line
Tokyo station ---15 mins--- JR, Bullet trains, many lines