Breathing,Marveling, Imagine in GInza-

As the GInza 1 chome area emerges as Tokyo's most vibrant new boutique and unique restaurants neighborhood; the Ginza Omura sits in the epicenter of the transformation in downtown Tokyo.

A yearlong, top-to-bottom-renovation of an office building in Ginza was an extraordinary renovation project just as a testament to the superior design and construction work accomplished by a Japanese designer .The old tableware shop has turned into a multi use space with a beautiful custom kitchen and showcase equipped for a exhibition space on 1st floor .The 2nd floor is based on Natural material such as Japanese paper and used wood in a combination with Scandinavian lamps and minimalistic decoration. All decoration and renovation plan done by a famous designer custom build from scratch.
It was renovated in 2012 so everything is brand new.We decided to rent out and give a chance for Japanese architect mania and design freek after only known among friends and family base.

About Mayumi Omura